Some talks I have given in the past.

Sliding away from Roy Fielding’s REST model

Nordic APIs conference, August 2016.

We go through what a modern REST API is, see what are the least features we should provide to the clients, how we can test it super fast (because testing APIs can be very time consuming!) and how we can optimize it’s performance. The talk is not bound to any specific API spec (JSONAPI, Serien, HAL etc) but goes though all the principles of a modern REST API.

However it challenges Roy Fieldings’s thesis on REST APIs (is it still valid, 17 years later?) along with current specs which are based on Roy’s thesis (like JSONAPI spec) especially when high performance is part of the API design.

There is a video version available as well from that talk.

Building real world apps in EmberJS

Stockholm EmberJS Meetup, May 2016.

Shows how you can build a real app on Ember and not yet another ToDo list. Highlights latest Ember features and common practices.

APIs on Ruby (and possible Rails)

Athens Ruby Meetup, January 2016.

Discusses best practices for building, testing and optimizing modern APIs. Ruby and Rails is used in the slides but the practices should be the same regadless the language.

It reflects Videofy’s backend we built in the end of 2015.